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LukaMorningstar 21 Apr 2021, 12:44

6 months ago

*Note* Even if something isn't specifically listed on here that does NOT make it automatically allowed! If you are ever unsure please contact staff!

General Rules

  • No chargebacks of any payments are allowed
  • No faking evidence of any player
  • No stalking/harassing any player
  • No leaking player's personal information without permission
  • No use of VPN's or Proxy's. (Some exemptions may be made for Youtubers/Streamers)

Allowed mods and clients
LukaMorningstar 21 Apr 2021, 12:43

6 months ago

If you feel any mod/client should be added to the list please message a staff member so we can review and potentially add it.

Please assume that any mod/client not listed below is NOT allowed! it is possible for some mods to get you BANNED on Fireskies. For example mods like InventoryTweaks and Minecraft VR!

Allowed Mods

  • Optifine
  • Shaders
  • LabyMod
  • 5Zig
  • Minimaps that DO NOT display player locations
  • Armor HUD
  • Dire...

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