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21 Apr 2021
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*Note* Even if something isn't specifically listed on here that does NOT make it automatically allowed! If you are ever unsure please contact staff!

General Rules

  • No chargebacks of any payments are allowed
  • No faking evidence of any player
  • No stalking/harassing any player
  • No leaking player's personal information without permission
  • No use of VPN's or Proxy's. (Some exemptions may be made for Youtubers/Streamers)
  • Do not evade a ban or mute on any Fireskies platform - this can lead to a blacklist
    • Using /nick and /pay to communicate whilst muted can be considered mute evading
  • Scamming in-game items/money for promises of ranks/keys/etc. is allowed. If you were scammed and you suffered a real-life financial loss, then you may report the player with sufficient evidence.
  • Use common sense. If common sense dictates something should most likely be against the rules, then DON'T DO IT! If you are ever in doubt about something please ask a staff member!

Gameplay Rules

  • No hacking/cheating or using any disallowed clients (Allowed Clients)
  • No "fake hacking" meaning you purposely try to look like a hacker. This will carry the same punishment as an actual hacker. (e.g. sitting at spawn spinning around towards players and attacking to make it look like you have kill aura)
  • No using bots for any reason (e.g. spam bots, killing them to boost stats/money/kits or any other form of advantage or benefits from bots)
  • No disallowed mods (Link to allowed mods list)
  • No glitch abusing/exploiting (e.g. find a way to get out of the map, eating whilst running, bypass restrictions, escape combat tag, intentionally get yourself banned, etc - no matter your intention). If you discover a glitch, report it to a staff member or create a (Bug Report).
  • No bow boosting / using an enderpearl to get into spawn in order to escape combat.
  • No abusing /report (e.g. purposefully false reporting a random player to get the attention of staff)
  • No inappropriate usernames, you will be banned until you change your name. (This includes names that include swear words, racism, sexism, or any inappropriate terms/phrases)
  • No inappropriate skins/capes (e.g. any skin/cape showing nudity)
  • No other programs to give you an unfair advantage (e.g. autoclickers, macros, disallowed mods...etc)
  • No double clicking (This includes the action of setting multiple mice/trackpad or buttons to attack)
  • Butterfly clicking Is allowed, but may result in a punishment for autoclicking as they have some similarities that are difficult to distinguish. Butterfly clicking is at your own risk, but strongly discouraged.
  • Drag, bolt & bawlclicking are strictly prohibited, you will be treated the same way as you would if you were blatantly cheating.
  • Just because a specific clicking method is not listed here does not mean it is allowed. Assume that any non-listed clicking methods (besides normal) are not permitted.
  • Account sharing is allowed, but at your own risk! We will not unban you if your shared account(s)/secondhand account(s) get banned and/or blacklisted!
  • No duping any items in any way.

Communication Rules

  • No DDoS/Dox threats towards any player under any circumstances (This can also apply to other forms of communication outside of the network only at an administrator's decision.)
  • No mass messaging
  • No form of threats at all towards any player for any reason
  • No suicide encouragement/death wishes (includes phrases such as "slit your wrists")
  • No spamming/flooding chat or encouraging spam (general rule of thumb of what qualifies as spam; 3 or more duplicate messages within a single chat window or within 10-15 seconds)
    • This includes spamming in PMs and spamming commands like /pay, /is ban, /tpa, etc.)
  • No intentionally advertising any other Minecraft server in any way on any platform.
  • Be kind to all players and staff, any form of toxicity is muteable.
  • No racism or any racially discriminatory language
  • Do not bypass, or attempt to bypass, the chat filter to swear or use inappropriate language
  • Do not try to trick players into thinking you are staff/impersonating staff
  • No creating fake messages (e.g using color chat to make a fake ban message or impersonate as staff, etc)
  • No leaking, posting fake personal information about yourself or other players
  • No NSFW links ("Not safe for work" links, e.g. link to screamers, pornography, or anything inappropriate)
  • No download links anywhere. Ingame, forums, Discord...etc
  • No solicitation or giveaways of items/things unrelated to Fireskies (e.g. "Selling minecraft accounts cheap! message me!" or "Giving away minecon capes, message me!")
  • No selling in-game items for real life currency. (This includes items like warp creates, keys, gear ...etc)
  • No advertising your discord server ingame.
  • You may advertise your stream/video as long as it is Fireskies related, and only 1 link per 5 minutes!
  • No inappropriate messages in chat. (e.g. talking about nudity, sex, blood/gore...etc)
  • No inappropriate usage of /nick (e.g. inappropriate language, names, impersonation, etc.)

Forum Rules

  • No excessive profanity, and never in a toxic manner
  • No spamming the forums with pointless topics
  • No spamming ban appeals/staff applications
  • No necroposting (posting on old/inactive threads)
  • No unnecessary posts about being punished on Fireskies; if you believe you were unfairly punished, submit an appeal (here) or reach out to a staff member for clarification.
  • No excessively boosting your own, or any other users’, reaction score
  • No forums ban evading
  • All communication rules apply to forums
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